PMP certification Journey of Sudipt

PMP Certification Journey Of Sudipt – Tips To Clear Exam?

In this guide, we will talk about the PMP Certification Journey of Sudipt, who is PMP certified and is currently working with an IT giant as a program manager. 

Becoming a certified project manager requires patience and practice with good years of experience, but certification also plays a vital role within the range of these precursors. The purpose is to provide extensive knowledge to the existing project managers for better outcomes. Institutions like Techcanvass provide high-end PMP Certification Training that results in the best development. 

It’s not only for a say that project management has also become one of the most lucrative career paths in less than a year. According to a recent analysis by the Anderson Economic Group, an average of 1.2 million new project management positions would be needed each year through 2016, with healthcare, infrastructure development, and green technology highlighted as some of the fastest-growing segments in the business. This rapid expansion, combined with industry-competitive compensation, has enticed many employees and students to pursue a project management career

Aspirants looking for the best PMP certification training institutions can reach out to the concerned person and get the most out of it. Sudipt’s journey started from various hurdles and landed in the Techcanvass to reach new heights of success. 

Let’s look at his journey from where he got the inspiration to do PMP to how he managed his preparation, time, workload, and how the overall experience went for him.

Sudipt’s PMP Certification Journey


Sudipt Singh has a vast and fruitful experience with Techcanvaas. He is a certified project management person with 14 years of leadership experience in various domains such as healthcare, IT, project management, client and vendor relation, operations, etc. He completed his MBA in 2009 and currently, he is working with an IT giant as a program manager. Apart from this, he is also a Six Sigma black belt and PMP certified professional. He guides, trains, advises, and mentors aspirants within his current organization who want to take up PMP. He is also well versed with Agile and waterfall methodology and applies it to his project.

Why did he want to pursue it? 

Being PMP certified implies you’ve demonstrated a high degree of project management expertise, including leading teams, managing projects successfully, and drawing the dots between project and corporate strategy, Sudipt says. 

  • Today, we will learn about a person who has effectively entailed their project management journey and learned a lot to share their experience. 
  • He wanted to get the best in his domain and go for IIBA-certified courses to fuel his purpose. 
  • Sudipt’s always wanted to become a leader and manage different projects with dedication and authority. 

But, after getting PMP certified, he says that his journey toward becoming a project manager got more effortless and smooth. The major reason for him to pursue PMP certification was the lack of framework needed to manage such a big foreign organization. At that time, he was managing a world bank project in Bhutan. That is when he started reading about PMP and got a hard copy of PMBOK edition 4. He says, “certified PMP certified managers are welcomed by any organization with open arms and they have higher job security”. 

He says, “Just like most of the aspirants, I had decided to do and take up PMP long back in 2016, but I kept procrastinating it all the way and finally completed it in 2020 during the pandemic when we all were at home.”

Study Material 

For PMP preparation, I referred to PMBOK and Techcanvass study material. While working with one of the giant firms, I realized that certified project managers are welcomed with open arms in any organization, which gives higher job security and PMP certified managers command over 30% more salary

So while going through all of it, that is when I read about PMP and got a hardcopy PMBOK edition 4. However, apart from knowledge and exquisite industry guide, PMBOK study material is best if you want to pursue a highly-skilled project manager. 

PMP provides international recognition and creates a market of opportunities in the world. So I realized that I should be moving ahead with particular study material. After a while, when I got to know about Techcanvass, I enrolled here and saw that their material was really up to date.

Challenges faced by Him 

He started preparing for PMP back in 2016 but his actual preparation took place 2 months before when he finally decided to not procrastinate and go for the exam. From here, many challenges came into his life during the preparation phase. Time was one of the biggest challenges that were faced by him but his friends who were already preparing for it gave him an idea about it way before. So he calculated the number of days that will require to complete the 1200 pages book. Apart from this, the major challenge for him was that he was preparing and working at the same time. So, initially, he started reading 15 pages on a weekday and 40 pages over a weekend. He was also making notes simultaneously for quick preparation. 

However, He says,” the biggest challenge that I personally faced was memorizing the formulas and I tried a lot of ways to remember it”. I had a notebook in which I wrote all the jargon, formulas, techniques, etc to remember everything.

Change in skills after getting certified

Sudipt says,” When we prepare ourselves for the certification, we expose ourselves to various numbers of methodology and outline while reading PMBOK. This helps us on our toes and enables us to think practical. So the changes that I saw were that I was able to manage the project better and now I’m much more confident in taking on large projects on my own. Certification has given him confidence in terms of how to manage projects.

Tips to Clear PMP 

According to Sudipt, there are a few fundamental ways and tips to clear PMP only in the first attempt. Those essential tips are- 

Understand the PMP Examination Pattern 

  • The PMP exam comprises 200 multiple-choice questions covering all aspects of project management. It is designed to assess your skills, talents, and standards that must be adhered to in a given situation.
  • First, review the PMP Exam Content Outline for the most up-to-date information.
  • Consult the most recent PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  • PMP Exam Sample Questions

Mock Tests or a PMP Exam Simulator

  • When you’ve finished your studying and want to see how far you’ve come, it’s critical to attempt taking the exam in a simulated atmosphere. 
  • Many suppliers in the market will allow you to examine yourself using a PMP exam simulator or practice examinations.

Keep Flash Cards in Mind

  • Whether paper or electronic, Flashcards are a low-cost, portable, and tried-and-true method of studying for the PMP exam. 
  • Downloadable flashcards can be browsed through or printed on a computer or smartphone. Making your flashcards might also be beneficial throughout your preparation.

After Cracking PMP 

Sudipt had a fantastic experience and knowledge regarding the PMP certification. He could crack PMP certification easily and now work as a highly reputed project manager with an IT company. To such aspirants, Techcanvaas is their ideal location. Enroll now to become a PMP-certified professional today.

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