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PMP Exam Quiz – People Domain

This PMP Exam Questions Quiz is based on the latest PMP Exam Pattern. Practicing these questions will allow you to hone your knowledge and skills to prepare you for the actual PMP Exam Day. Apart from this, You can also visit our Free PMP Exam Simulator, which is a PMP Practice Test Platform. Here you will come across 200 questions that are divided into 4 tests. You can take these simulator exams as many times as you need for your preparation. 

These PMP simulator exams are similar to the actual PMP exam as they consist of 180 questions from the three domains People- 42%, Process- 50% & Business Environment- 8%.

Key Features of PMP Exam Simulator

  • Unlimited Attempts of Simulator Exams. 
  • Detailed answers and explanations for each question. 
  • Review your answers any time
  • Consolidated scoring against the benchmarked score

Moreover, you can access the complete version of our PMP Question Bank by enrolling in our PMP Certification Training Course, where you can find 2000+ questions. With the complete version of our PMP question bank, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Hotspot Questions
  • Domain Wise Questions
  • Crossword Drills
  • Match making drills
  • 4 or 5 Full-Length Simulations (180 questions each)
  • Save and resume test feature
  • Performance reporting

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Welcome to PMP Practice Test!

For the time-bound high management visibility construction project, one senior electrician and his supervisor argued on the technical aspect. Later, it turned out to be a major conflict, and they both raised individual complaints to the project manager. What should the project manager do to resolve this conflicting situation now?

You are the project manager managing a multi-phased project with diverse cultural teams. The team members are spread across multiple countries. Due to extreme work pressure, moral is down for a few team members. What would you do? (Select Multiple)

To manage scheduling conflicts among local and virtual team members, the PM schedules a video conference call. Which of the following is true about this scenario?

A project manager has been informed to document the scope management plan for his newly launched hybrid lifecycle project. Now, the project manager wants to review the project’s requirements at a high level. What will the project manager refer first?

Your company was awarded a contract in one of the Scandinavian countries. Before moving along with your team to the project site, which proactive measure should you take as the project manager?

After checking the burndown chart in your Agile project management tool, you find out that there is a lot of work left to be done that will be difficult to complete by the end of the sprint. What should you do next?

You are managing a project using an adaptive approach. Halfway through the iteration, you realize that some user stories are unexpectedly delayed. Along with identifying any potential impediments, you work on helping your team ______________ Work In Progress (WIP).

Your projects Budget at completion is $800,000, Earned value is $450,000, Actual cost is $425,000 and Planned value is $550,000 and you are expecting CPI to be the same for the remainder of the project duration. What will be the estimate at completion for the project?

A project manager needs to update the current cost and current schedule information for the ongoing project. Which process will be performed now?

Tom is a project manager for bridge constructions since twenty years. Nowadays, his company has grown that has a branch located in UK. Unfortunately one of the projects being executed in this branch is not going well and emerges a decision from senior management to transfer Tom to UK in order to take care of this project. Which of the following options describes the power Tom will play in this project:

The __________ is a project forecasting tool that gives you the cost estimate of your project if you continue to perform with the same cost performance.

One of the challenges for organizations, when they move to Agile ways of working, is the often mentioned need to build teams made up of “T-shaped” people. A “T” shaped person is:

Mary is a project manager who works for a large complex project which is being executed in South Africa. She is concerned with the deliverables of the project, once CPI and SPI are below 1, as well as there are cost and schedule variances. What is the correct flow of deliverables in a project?

Richard is a newly appointed project manager for a team which is quite matured. Most of the team members are quite experienced and been in the role for more than 10 years now. Richard's role is to help the team make their own decisions and establish their own goals while he is instrumental in breaking any barriers for them from management standpoint. He knows that for this kind of matured organization, this type of leadership works the most. What is the type of leadership style is being referred to here?

Marwa has recently joined a new Scrum Team in the role of a Scrum Master. She noticed that the team is dedicating too much time to refine the product backlog, which is majorly impacting their commitment to the sprint work. How should Marwa approach this problem?

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