PMP Exam Questions [Business Environment Domain]

PMP Exam Questions [Business Environment Domain]

This Business Environment domain oriented PMP exam quiz covers all the necessary questions that you can prepare to cover the 50% business environment questions in the PMP exam. You can also leverage our free PMP exam simulator with 200 questions divided into 4 different tests. It will allow you to assess your preparation level for the actual exam day. Our simulator exam is similar to the actual PMP exam and can help you prepare yourself for the exam better.

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Here are some tasks from the business environment domain that you are expected to cover for the PMP exam.

  • Plan and monitor project compliance as the first task
  • Assess and communicate project value and benefits
  • Assess and address changes in the external business environment that may have an influence on scope
  • Supporting organizational change is the fourth task

Practice PMP Exam questions from People Domain Quiz, Process Domain Quiz & CAPM Exam Quiz

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A Project Manager has completed the following steps:-Finished a major IT deployment project.-Confirmed with the release manager that all systems are working.-Confirmed that functionality has been verified by the quality assurance team. -Informed the customer.What is the next step the Project Manager should take?

Hannah’s senior management is inspecting two potential projects to pick the one that best meets the organization’s strategic objectives. Taking into consideration the time constraints and limited resources, Hannah ended up choosing Project X that was estimated to generate $100,000 profit over the Project Y which will generate $150,000 in profit. What is the opportunity cost of Hannah’s choice?

A project manager notifies the agile team members that the product owner will not be able to attend the scheduled sprint review owing to a family medical emergency. What would be the most probable impact of this turn of event?

Your organization is deliberating over two potential projects that have exactly the same payback period. After doing a benefit measurement analysis, you find out that project A has a lower Internal Rate of Return (IRR) than project B. What project should your organization choose?

Company ABC invested $210,000 in a project, and that project returned a net profit of $14,000 in the first year of operation. The organization could have invested that same $210,000 and earned a 4 percent return. What is the Economic Value Added (EVA) in this case?

One week prior to a kick-off meeting for a project, you as the project manager meet up with a key stakeholder of the project. He mentions that he is apprehensive about some of the benefits the project promises because he believes that those benefits may not be sustainable for the organization. What is the best course of action for you as the project manager?

Each organization considers numerous factors for inclusion in its organizational structure. Each factor may carry a different level of importance in the final analysis. Factors to consider in selecting an organizational structure include but are not limited to:

Hailey is simultaneously managing six projects in her company. Two projects are of a similar type, while the other four are entirely different. Hailey is a __________ in the organization.

Which of the following Agile principles helps to promote elimination of wastes there by minimizing scope creep and encouraging to do only those category of work that generates business value?

Leo is managing a software development project with tight deadlines and virtual team. Considering he is working on a predictive model, how can Leo avoid any scope creep and keep his team focused on delivering a product that meets the conformance requirements?

You are assumed to be the project manager for the car manufacturing project. You are meeting with your quality head and team to document the quality management plan. During the brainstorming session, the quality head pointed out that the organization’s perception of the culture is missing. What did the project manager missed to refer here?

To determine whether the anticipated financial gains of a project will outweigh the present-day investment, you can use the NPV as an effective tool to help you determine whether your project will be profitable or not. For instance, NPV > 0 means?

You are an agile expert working for a large IT firm, and your team is working on a software development project. During the last few iterations of the agile project, the team members find that there are many incomplete user stories. One of the team members suggests that there should be an upper limit on the amount of work that the team needs to take on at any point during an iteration. As an agile expert, what will you do in this situation?

There are three factors that can have an influence on predicting the final cost and schedule outcome of a project. What are those three factors?

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