PMP Exam Questions [Process Domain]

PMP Exam Questions [Process Domain]

This Process Domain oriented PMP Exam Quiz covers the questions that will help you prepare for the process section of the exam. The process domain in the PMP exam consists of 40% of the total questions. You can also use our free PMP exam simulator to even sharpen your preparation for the main exam day. In this exam simulator, there are a total of 200 questions, which are divided into 4 tests. You can easily access and take these tests an unlimited number of times.

Furthermore, a few good features of this simulator exam is that you can review your answers and get detailed explanations of each question for better clarity of the topic. Alternatively, if you are looking for complete guidance for PMP Certification, then our PMP certification training course is your best bet. You can enjoy features such as a PMP question bank with 2000+ practice questions, mind maps, flashcards, mock tests, and much more.

Since the process domain of the PMP exam covers 40% of the total exam questions, here are some tasks that you are expected to cover for the PMP exam.

  • Complete the project as efficiently as possible in order to deliver business value
  • Managing communications
  • Assessment and management of risks
  • Involve stakeholders
  • Plan and manage financial resources
  • Schedule planning and management
  • Plan and manage product and deliverable quality
  • Organize and execute scope
  • Incorporate project planning activities
  • Manage project changes
  • Control and implement procurement
  • Manage project artifacts
  • Determine acceptable project approach, methodologies, and practices
  • Develop a project governance system
  • Resolve project problems
  • Maintain project continuity by ensuring knowledge transfer
  • Plan and Organize Project Closures.

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Welcome to PMP Exam Quiz [Process Domain]

Welcome to your PMP Exam Questions - Process Domain

You manage a construction project which is currently in the execution phase. A new governmental regulation affecting your project has been issued. To ensure that this regulation will be followed by your project, what should you do first?

A project sponsor asks the Project Manager to change production materials because these materials could cause health problems to consumers. What is an appropriate step for the Project Manager to take?

Georgette is a stakeholder in an agile project. During a planning meeting, she asked the team members why there is no formal documentation involved in this project, to which they answered that:

Six months into a strategic agile project, company exectives are closely monitoring its progress. The COO expresses his frustration that the last weekly burn-down charts show the projected completion date significantly moving back and forward several times. How can the project manager forecast the completion date with more accuracy and stability?

Tony is managing a marketing project for a political party. During a phone call with the party representative, the latter requested adding social media advertisements to the project. Tony informed the representative that he’s willing to include the service for an additional $8,000 to which the latter agreed. However, when Tony sent the invoice including the requested service, the representative refused to pay the additional cost. What could have been done differently to avoid this situation?

A project sponsor is risk averse and is therefore concerned about negative impacts on the project. To help with this concern, the project team identifies four project risks and then evaluates both the probability of occurrence and the impact of the risk if it occurs. The team uses a 1-5 scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Risk ProbabilityImpact A 4 4 B 2 5 C 2 3 D 3 4 Based on the table, in what order should the Project Manager rank these risks for risk management purposes?

You are a quality manager for a continuous improvement project. You would want to identify a sampling strategy for a population on basis of 3 categories of standard of living (high, medium low). Which type of sampling strategy would you be using here?

Taylor is the project manager of a gaming equipment development project. The project team holds monthly status review meetings with the product owner to review deliverables produced post-iteration. Following the demo, the product owner dedicates part of the meeting to facilitate a general status review for the project. A good status review meeting uses __________ communication.

You are a project manager for a large project and your team just completed the risk audit process. The project sponsor informed you that the audit process failed miserably. What was missed by the project manager before?

A project team is examining the activities in the network daigram and adding the durations of the activities. They are determining the ---------

Which of the following estimation techniques is not usually used in Agile?

Assuming you are the new project manager of the latest technology aircraft project and you joined the project in the initial stages of the project. Your sponsor assures you that sufficient funds are available to manage this high profile project, but, you are concerned about upcoming threats and feel that it can cause roadblocks for the project’s success. What will the project manager do first?

Review the following project characteristics:-The project is in initiation.-Due to lack of funding, the project gets terminated.-The Project Manager must close the project.What is the first action the Project Manager should take?

For this situation, the project manager will refer to the procurement statement of work (or SOW) to understand the project scope to be covered for the project. The procurement statement of work is a formal document that defines the entire scope of the work involved for a vendor and clarifies deliverables, costs, and timeline. The procurement documentation, Bid Documents, and Request for information do not provide information about the projects scope of work and hence these options will not be useful for the given scenario.

A project manager is in the Direct and Manage Project Work process and making sure that team is completing the work defined in the Project Management Plan to satisfy the project specifications and objectives. All of the following are executed in this process EXCEPT:

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