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CAPM Exam Quiz For Entry Level Project Managers [2022]

CAPM Exam Questions

This CAPM Exam Questions Quiz is based on the latest CAPM Exam Pattern. The quiz will help you self-assess your knowledge of the core project management concepts, which you have prepared so far. 

You can enjoy our CAPM Question Bank with 1000+ practice questions, 4 Full length Tests, chapter-wise questions, and much more by enrolling for our CAPM Certification Training Course to prepare for the CAPM exam. Moreover, the CAPM Question Bank is similar to the actual CAPM Exam as they consist of 150 questions from the 13 chapters of the Sixth Edition of the PMBOK guide.

Key Features of CAPM Training Program

  • Real-life Projects and Case Studies
  • Flashcards and Mind-maps
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interview and Feedback (One-on-One)
  • Hands-on practical training of MS project tool
  •  1000+ Questions
  • Covering waterfall & Agile methodologies

The multi-level test simulator is designed to assess your speed, comprehension, and knowledge from the start. Warm-up exams are available once you’ve begun your CAPM preparation. These chapter-by-chapter warm-up tests will assess your basic knowledge and grasp of each chapter’s topics. After that, you can create your own tests to verify your speed and comprehension of chapters. Finally, full-length tests can be used to complete your CAPM preparation.

Practice PMP Exam questions from People Domain Quiz, Process Domain Quiz & Business Environment Domain Quiz.

Welcome to your CAPM Practice Test!

"Sandeep is a Project Manager of a highly technical middle-ware migration project. The project is in execution. The sponsor and some key stakeholders are not happy with the performance of the delivery team. After meeting the team, he came to know that the team members are struggling with the latest PMIS software, which is affecting the on-time task update. What should he do first to resolve this problem?"
In a status meeting of a project which is in execution, the sponsor introduced a new stakeholder. The new person requests two scope level changes in the project.
Dwayne is a Project Manager of a construction project that is a part of the Cost reimbursable contract. In a meeting with the seller, the seller asked him to share the payment for the cost of items prepared for the project that got destroyed in a recent thunderstorm.What should the Project Manager do next in this situation?Choose the best answer.
As a Project Manager, you are trying to determine the project deliverables which are subject to quality review. What needs to be reviewed here?
As a Project Manager, you are reviewing the plans for rewards and recognition.Which of the following factors play a pivotal role in determining the rewards and recognitions?Choose the best answer.
As a Project Manager, you have subcontracted some of the technically challenging work to a vendor. The vendor has delivered the subcontracted work as per the technical specifications mentioned in the contract. Still, you are not satisfied with the deliverables produced because they are not the exact ones you needed.What should you do next?
Jeanne is the project lead for a real estate construction company. Recently, one of her projects underwent a change with team member assignments due to substantial organizational changes. Cody, a team member who remained on the project, informs Jeanne about his concerns regarding one of the new team members, who he feels does not have the technical aptitude to complete the work assigned to him in this iteration. Jeanne trusts Cody’s judgment. What should Jeanne do regarding the new team member?
You are assigned as a project manager to design and develop a ticketing system. You have been holding daily stand up meetings during a project’s iteration. There are a few team members who are missing during the last three meetings because they are running tests regarding the design. The tests will most likely continue for some more days. What will be your BEST action to deal with a situation like this?
You are a project manager in an IT company, you have your team members situated across the globe. You have concerns about the communication. What should you do to fix this?
You are a project manager of a manufacturing project. During the project execution you realize that the supplier is spending 70% of his time responding to unexpected request for information related to project from different stakeholders. Because of which there is a delay in the project schedule and the supplier is not able to focus on the current responsibilities. What should you do first?
A project task is 90% complete. But it could not be finished until another task is completed. What type of dependency is this? (Select two)
You are in the planning phase of a project consisting of manufacturing a drone for wildlife protection purposes. The project is challenging because the drone is supposed to be able to identify and keep count of a wide range of wild animals. Since you have previously dealt with drones in the military field, you think that using analogous estimating will be of great help for your current project. Your estimation technique is best known as:
A start-up in the pre-seed stage approached you in order to develop a sound resource planning for its development. Even though you have worked with many start-ups before, this time you are skeptical about this start-up business model. Should you use historical information if you are to accept conducting their resource planning?
The critical path method is a schedule network analysis technique. Which of the following statements is true regarding the critical path?
Lizzy had replaced another project manager in a distressed project consisting in implementing a financial management system. While she was examining the network diagram, she found five critical paths and two near-critical paths. What does this indicate about the project?

Thank You!!

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