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CAPM Jobs and Career Opportunities


Everybody has a dilemma around the CAPM exam – “Is CAPM Certification Worth It?”. Below are some benefits around the exam for you in order to know the answer to the above question. In this article, we will also cover the topics that will help you understand what jobs can you get with a CAPM certification and the professional advantages of the CAPM Certification.

Benefits of the CAPM Certification

  • Global Opportunities: For instance, One of the benefits of CAPM certification is that it is globally renowned. So, You will be able to work anywhere, bringing you the opportunity to travel around the world to places with more and better projects and opportunities.
  • Stepping Stone for the PMP Aspirants: CAPM is the base of project management and thus act as a stepping stone for people who want to establish a career in project management. furthermore, The learning material of CAPM fosters confidence among candidates, making them better aware of the tools and best practices of project management.
  • Professional Development and Salary Incentive: CAPM also osters confidence among candidates, making them better aware of the tools and best practices of project, You will be well equipped with the knowledge and techniques that will be used in project management. Employers value PMI-PMP Certification holders, thus CAPM act as a catalyst to boost your salary. Candidates can demand better pay than non-certified professionals.
  • Different Job Profiles/ Roles: Some of the job profiles that you can expect in order to qualify for with a CAPM includes:
    • Business Analyst
    • Project Coordinator
    • IT Project Analyst
    • Consultant

CAPM Jobs and Career Opportunities in 2021

There are various jobs that you can land into after being CAPM certified, here we will come in order to know what jobs can you get with a CAPM certification, some of them are given below:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Coordinator
  • Consultant 
  • PMO Specialist
  • Analyst, Project Management
  • Resource Coordinator

List Of Top Companies Hiring for CAPM Certified Professionals

  • Accenture – Project Coordinator Role
  • Microsoft – Remote Project Manager
  • Dell EMC – Senior Analyst, Project Management
  • Gartner – Project Manager
  • Ernst and Young, GDS – Project Manager, Transformation and Strategy
  • IQVIA – Transition Project Manager
  • IBM – Resource Manager
  • Standard Chartered – Project Manager
  • Infosys – Project Manager
  • Wipro – Project Manager, Analyst
  • Service now – Infra Project Manager

What Types of Jobs Can You Attain with CAPM?

  • Project Coordinator Role
  • Consultant – Project Management
  • Pre Sales Project-Management
  • Transition Project Manager
  • Resource Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • PMO Specialist

Get CAPM Jobs in different Sectors

CAPM Jobs in Analytics

Since there are various positions available in Analytics for a Project Manager and many companies offer different roles in the Analytics domain. The analytics domain is a fast-growing sector that offers plenty of exposure to not just data analytics but also automation and Robot Process Automation. These positions usually involve many responsibilities outside of data analysis as well, such as communication, scheduling, and leadership, which are also covered in the CAPM certification process.

Types of Jobs in Analytics
  • IT Infrastructure Project Analyst
    1. Consultant, Project Manager
    2. Business Analyst

CAPM Jobs in Engineering

For instance, Engineers across industries and functions are responsible for designing and developing modern solutions to existing challenges through the application of technologies. Engineering project managers are also the backbone of such projects where they work closely with engineers to solve such challenges. They not only focus on technical output but also on the business impact of such projects and thereby they play a key role in the allocation of budget and resources for the execution of project activities.

Type of Jobs in Engineering
  • Engineering Project Manager / Project Engineer
    1. Planning Engineer
    2. Cost estimation/Budgeting Analyst

CAPM Jobs in Project Management

For instance, Project management is a key function within BUs across the organization. It is responsible for driving the delivery of service or developed products as per the client’s requirement while keeping business benefits under check. so, CAPM is a key requirement for project managers working in such roles as it enables them with all the tools and techniques required to bring cost and resource optimization in the process of project execution

Types of jobs in Project Management
  • Project Manager
    1. Delivery Manager
    2. Resource Manager

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Let Techcanvass Help You to Get Your CAPM Certification

Techcanvass is hence, one of the renowned names for CAPM training in the industry. so, It has a portfolio of internationally recognized certifications in the field of project management and business analysis. It’s also an authorized training partner of project management institute (PMI) the USA, and a premier Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) of International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada.

For instance, We have got all the ingredients to make you a successful CAPM-certified project manager in today’s world. so, From free courses to question banks, world-class mentorship to clear your doubts and give a boost to your learning journey, self-learning courses to drive your learning at your own pace, we handhold you towards your success in just a few months.

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What Industry Has the Most Demand for A CAPM?

There are also various industries with lucrative demand around the CAPM certification, majorly the demand is more in IT Infrastructure and Engineering. so, The majority of the work is around managing different stakeholders and estimating cost or budgeting. CAPM gives you a brief overview of the topics.

Why Is the Demand for CAPM So High?

CAPM is a stepping stone for project managers all over the world. It is also considered as the MINIMUM certification for the project manager. This is because most companies treat CAPM as the initial step towards project knowledge and transformation of an individual.

Do CAPM Professionals Get Better Job Opportunities Than a Non-Certified Professional?

Of-Course! There are some significant professional advantages a certified individual will experience as compared to a non-certified one. The first and foremost is global recognition, a non-certified project manager with years of experience on his/her CV may still face challenges while moving to a foreign land, but for a certified individual, this should be a cakewalk even if he/she is less experienced as compared to the not certified individual. Then there are some obvious advantages like a significant pay hike on your past CTC and leadership roles etc.

What Kind of Job Can I Get with A CAPM?

Project Coordinator Role
Consultant – Project Management
Pre Sales Project-Management
Transition Project Manager
Resource Manager
Business Analyst
PMO Specialist

Will CAPM Get Me A Job?

CAPM is an entry-level certification and hence, can be helpful in getting jobs like Project Analyst, Project Coordinator, and Project Manager.

How Much Salary Is Expected in order to Increase If I Complete CAPM Certification?

It is said in order to increase your salary by 20-25% globally.

Can I Get CAPM With No Experience?

Answer: Yes, with the change in the pattern of the exam, you will need to have the following in order to sit for the CAPM exam:
Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or the global equivalent)
23 hours of project management education completed by the time you sit for the exam.

Is the CAPM Respected?

Yes, it is, since CAPM is a globally renowned certification by the highest body of project management PMI (Project Management Institute)

Does CAPM Help With PMP?

Yes, CAPM acts as a base for the PMP exam because most of the concepts are interrelated. You can even apply those project management hours while filling the application for PMP. While CAPM covers the base knowledge of Project Management, PMP covers the in-depth knowledge.

Can I Get a Project Management Job With CAPM?

The answer to this question is YES, you can get entry-level jobs in project management with CAPM certification.

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