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How Anusha Mohan Cracked PMP Certification Exam in Her First Attempt

In this guide, We will talk about the success story of Anusha Mohan, who is a PMI-Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is currently working as a program and portfolio manager. Her journey “How she cracked PMP Certification Exam In One Go”

According to the latest PMI-Commissioned Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027 analysis by Anderson Economic Group (AEG), the project management-oriented labor force is predicted to rise by 33%, or almost 22 million new employment, through 2027 in seven project-oriented sectors. 

Employers will require nearly 88 million project management professionals by 2027. China and India will account for more than 75 percent of all project management-related jobs. This structure highlights two facts:

  • The growing demand for Project Management Professionals and 
  • Global Job Opportunities

Let’s take a look at her journey right from where she got the inspiration to do PMP to how she managed her preparation, her time, her workload, and how the overall experience was for her.

Anusha Mohan’s Certification Journey


Anusha comes from an IT background, where she completed her BTech in 2015 and has been working every since with some great IT Giants. She is currently working as a program and portfolio manager with 6+ years of experience in IT project management. An interesting thing to notice about Anusha is that she has worked with various domains such as infrastructure, healthcare, and business operations. She took on her project management certification journey in July 2020. However, before opting for the PMP certification, she previously decided to opt for the CAPM certification, which is an entry-level project management certification offered by PMI.

Why Did She Wanted To Pursue It?

When asked about why she wanted to pursue the PMP certification, Anusha replied that 

“She wanted to add even more value to her resume as PMP certification is the most valuable credential among any other professional certificates available out there” 

Another reason for her to opt for the PMP certification is that it allows the professional to apply the project management knowledge in various domains such as a business analyst role or even a consulting role. 

Lastly, Anusha wanted to pursue PMP certification because it provides industry recognition, global job opportunities, and good networking opportunities.

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Study Material

Anusha’s preparation journey for the PMP exam was quite smooth as she spared 3 hours every day for three months to rigorously study for the exam. 

She studied for the exam by using two reference guides, one is the most crucial, the PMBOK Guide, and the other was any other good PMP reference book by Rita or any other author. 

Her ideology is that PMBOK will give you a concept or an understanding of the project manager role and how to work on the project. But, you need a different perspective on the whole concept, and going for two reference guides will help you figure out the gaps in your preparation.

Challenges Faced

Her biggest challenge during her exam preparation was to remember and keep the knowledge areas processes fresh in her mind as there are a total of 42 processes, and getting a clear idea of all the knowledge areas was quite overwhelming for Anusha. 

However, she was quite determined and was able to understand the concepts well with the help of cheat sheets and notes that she had prepared. 

Anusha mentioned that naturally as the exam day was approaching, her anxiety levels peaked, and was a bit nervous. However, on the day of the exam, to make sure that she gives her exam with a calm and composed mind, she made sure that she went through the cheat sheets and some important notes that she had created. She also made sure to relax her mind on the exam day by eating properly, playing inspirational songs, and getting enough sleep. And to say, all of it was worth it as Anusha was able to clear her PMP certification exam on her first attempt.

Tips to Clear PMP Certification  

Anusha Mohan shared with us some great tips and tricks that can help aspirants clear the PMP certification exam.

  • She says that attempting a mock test right after understanding a concept is not helpful and it should be attempted once you know everything about project management. 
  • Another thing that she adhered to during her preparation journey was making cheat sheets of the formulas or the knowledge areas.

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After Cracking PMP

Anusha Mohan was able to clear her PMP exam on her first attempt. When asked about whether the PMP certification is rewarding her career, she replied that the PMP certification on her resume has helped increase not just her salary range, but it has also evolved her as a project manager. 

She has improved knowledge of project management, enhanced communication skills, and improved project visitation and direction. So this was Anusha’s success story of clearing her PMP certification exam and how much preparation went into clearing it.

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